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Project Life Cycle

ERP Professionals Since 1996; Performing implementations, upgrades, acquisitions, data conversions, and post implementation development.

The pieces to your project will include tasks, business processes, interfaces, reports, queries, external vendors, internal customers, general ledger, etc...We work with your project team to gather and define the pieces during several work sessions. Once complete, you will have a detailed list of your business requirements, standardization recommendations, best practices introduced, a fit-gap analysis on how your business fits within the new implementation or upgrade, a data mapping document, and a design strategy document on how to proceed in implementing or upgrading the system, including the configuration values.

We will work with your team to configure the PeopleSoft modules. Test Scripts will be written to include the gathered requirements. Testing will be performed to include system integration testing (SIT), user acceptance testing (UAT), and parallel testing. Our Clients have confidence in our testing methodology. We test all pieces, resulting in an accurate and confident Go-Live experience!

Note: Implementing and upgrading is a great opportunity to document new policies and procedures. If desired, we will work with your end users to develop desktop procedures, incorporating the new functionality for each task performed within the system.

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